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Hotel & Resort | Desert Palm

Maha Desert Palm


The interior design of a high-end boutique resort in the desert. A luxurious and modern interpretation and adaptation of the traditional desert lifestyle. Surrounding desert landscape and subtle historical qualities of Arabian architecture are the inspiration for the interior design.

The exclusive two-bedroom villa is configured around a central open-air courtyard with a large swimming pool and a secluded rooftop terrace.

The living space connects two grand bedroom suites and opens onto the pool and courtyard. Each suite had a lavish bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower, a private diwan, and a garden. The villa is serviced from a discreet butler’s pantry.

All the furniture was custom-designed for this project.


with Kerry Hill Architects

Hotel & Resort | Amara Sanctuary Resort

Larkhill Terrace


The interior design of guest rooms and suites as part of an extension to the existing Amara Sanctuary Resort. The extension is housed within a two-storey heritage colonial-style former British Sergeants’ quarters from the 1930s.

Guest rooms include a large outdoor bathroom and a private courtyard with direct access to the pool. The suites have a spacious bedroom and bathroom, a living area, and a large balcony with views.

Inspired by the heritage building, each understated and simplistic space reflects the cool minimalism of tropical design.

The interiors are graced with touches of colonial and traditional Asian accents in fresh and muted colours, with tones reflected in the dark timber, rattan, and other textured finishes.

Hotel & Resort | Tea Trails