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Deirdre Renniers is a Singapore and Cape Town-based interior designer. Her passion for delivering a remarkable yet meaningful customer experience through interior environments has taken her into airport lounges, aboard luxury yachts, and as far as exotic tea plantations. Her expertise is experiential interior design, focusing on bespoke resort and travel-orientated projects worldwide.

With a holistic and simplistic design philosophy, Deirdre believes in an honest approach to design. She strives to ensure that she provides her clients with exquisite design and excellent quality service. 

Her global team of highly motivated individuals comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and has creative experience in various interior design disciplines, countries, and cultures.

The team’s approach is multidisciplinary and covers all the design aspects of a project, from architectural and interior design to furniture, product, and branding. 

With technical proficiency, international experience, dedication, and passion, Deirdre and her team have a demonstrated ability to execute and sustain projects to meet the client’s needs and budget.  


A veteran in hospitality design, Miew Ching Lian is a talented interior designer with over 20 years experience in luxury hospitality, wellness, F&B, resort, residential and mixed-use developments across the globe.

She has the fortune of having the renowned Jaya Ibrahim, as well as Michael Bedner, founder of Hirsch Bedner Associates, amongst her mentors. Her sophisticated, timeless approach to design which lends a sense of warmth and authenticity can be attributed to their influence.

Her expertise is honed through years experience working with the world’s top interior designers, architects, property developers, hoteliers and restauranteurs. Coupled with her experience in technical services from a hotel operator perspective, she brings with her an innate ability to provide clients and collaborators a strategic design approach integrating design with the commercial and marketing dynamics unique to each project.

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