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Serene Sailing

Design Anthology Asia Issue 28


Handcrafted by artisans from the South Sulawesian Konjo tribe and outfitted in an earthy yet luxe palette courtesy of interior designer Deirdre Renniers, the Dunia Baru is a one-of-a-kind luxury phinisi yacht sailing the waters of Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.



Meet Dunia Baru—A Luxury Phinisi Yacht Made For Slow Travel Dreams

Singapore Tatler February 2021


The 51-metre long, two-masted luxury phinisi yacht has been brought back to its former glory by its new Singaporean owners, siblings Jing-Yi Wee and Teng Wee, who commissioned Deirdre Renniers, interior designer of Aman's private yacht, Amandira, to refurbish the traditional vessel.



Deirdre Renniers Masterminds Amandira, an Indonesian Phinisi Superyacht

Interior Design Magazine Fall 2018


Building on that heritage is Amandira, a classically styled phinisi available for charter at Amanwana luxury resort on Indonesia’s Moyo Island. Cape Town– and Singapore-based Deirdre Renniers masterminded the interiors of the 170-foot-long custom superyacht, which cruises the deep blue waters of the archipelagos. “We wanted the design to tie in with the traditional architecture of the boat as much as possible, but in a contemporary and understated way,” she explains.



Makeover: Conversions and Extensions of Homes and Residential Spaces

Braun Publications


Turning old into new: The conversion and extension of residential spaces, usually because their functionality and aesthetics are no longer in line with contemporary demands, offers an inexhaustible source of creative opportunities. Around 100 carefully selected building makeovers from around the world provide an insight into the wide scope of modernization and remodelling projects. The solutions are as diverse as the wishes of the residents.



Chi, The Spa | Relaxation Fit For Royalty

The Hedonist May 23, 2018


Unwind amongst the swells with a gorgeous view of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river at Chi, The Spa. Since the golden gates of Chi Spa opened in 2004, the establishment has been listed on Forbes as one of the “most luxurious spas in the world”, and boasts one accolade after another – the most recent being awarded the Best Top 100 Spa Award from​ after receiving raving reviews from customers. 


Ceylon Tea Trails hotel - Bogawantalawa, Sri Lanka

Wallpaper* November 4, 2016


Deep within these hills, set over 2,000 acres, Ceylon Tea Trails comprises five colonial-style bungalows scattered along the banks of Castlereagh Lake and down into the Bogawantalawa valley. Each named after past tea planter occupants, the cottages - which were all originally built between 1888 and 1950 - have all been sympathetically restored to provide a total of 26 plush rooms between them.


Aman’s New Indonesian Ship, Amandira, Is Available to Rent

Architectural Digest September 28, 2015


Amandira, the newest cruising vessel from the Aman brand, recently became available to rent from Amanwana resort, its home base on the Indonesian island of Moyo. The 171-foot ship— which was crafted by Indonesia’s Konjo tribe and can operate under sail or motor—was modeled after traditional phinisi boats, which were once used for transporting cargo.letries and more. Above deck, the roomy Master Cabin comes complete with glass walls.


Amandira, Indonesia - review

The Evening Standard December 2015


And then there was Amandira herself — 52 metres of hardwood and teak, two 36-metre masts and eight sails. Four cabins are tucked in beneath deck, each with spacious showers, delicious toiletries and more. Above deck, the roomy Master Cabin comes complete with glass walls.


Exploring Indonesia’s islands on Aman’s new floating hotel

The Financial Times October 2015


The sight of the Amandira bobbing away on turquoise waters is enough to make even the most committed landlubber want to slip aboard. The 52-metre yacht was launched earlier this year by Aman, the 30-strong hotel group known for immaculate design and formidable prices. It is inspired by the wooden phinisi that for centuries sailed through Indonesia’s tropical archipelagos carrying spices, fruits and other cargo.


Days of Tea and Roses

Silverkris Magazine April 2006


My stay at Castlereagh, high on the slopes overlooking Lake Castlereagh was near perfection. The rooms were grand and had luxurious bathrooms.

Quiet Opalescence

Form Magazine Volume 5 2006


Authentic Persian food with a chic presentation is the order of the day and the interior design adheres closely to the menu. Instead of playing the Persian theme to the hilt, interior designer, Deirdre Renniers chose to tone down the traditional theme by opting for clean minimalist lines...

Spa Trek

Bangkok Post October 2005


I've never been to Tibet, never climbed the Himalayas and the closest to the roof of the word was when I watched Tomb Raider. Recently though, at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok I did find myself in a situation not unlike a Lara Croft adventure.  


Asia's Luxury Spas.jpg
Chi The Spa

Asia's Luxury Spas, Page One Publications


The interiors are a modern interpretation of a Tibetan temple, accented with Himalayan art and accessories.  


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