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We are an interior design studio providing exceptional architectural and interior solutions worldwide. We create exclusive environments driven by passion, experience, and expertise. 

With a holistic and understated style philosophy, we believe in an authentic approach to our projects. We strive to design spaces that connect, engage, and inspire.

With every project, we focus on a considered balance between context and function to create relevant and credible interiors. We understand that physical, cultural, and social context is key to creating a compelling interior project.

With a global team of highly motivated individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, the studio has creative experience in various interior design disciplines, countries and cultures. We create resorts, restaurants, bars, yachts, spas and residences worldwide.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and covers all the design aspects of a given project, from architectural and interior design to furniture and lighting design.

With technical expertise, international experience, dedication, and passion, we have a demonstrated ability to execute and sustain projects worldwide.

Deirdre Renniers


Before starting her own practice in 2002, Deirdre spent over a decade in the offices of London-based RHWL Architects, Cape Town-based studios, Design House and KSDP Pentagraph, and Kerry Hill Architects in Singapore.


In the studio of the renowned and award-winning architect Kerry Hill, she worked on multiple prestigious hospitality developments in the region and beyond, and has since completed various projects globally, focusing on bespoke resort and travel-orientated projects.


Collaborating with leading branding agencies, Deirdre has worked on marquee corporate projects with the likes of Thai Airways International, Royal Brunei Airlines, and The Singapore Exchange.


More recently, she has completed the interior design of the most sought-after luxury Phinisi yachts in Indonesia for the hospitality and high-end charter sector. She has successfully carved a niche in this exclusive market.

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